Showcase saddle racks were designed to solve the space and display issues with multiple saddles in one space. I had saddle racks all over the house taking up space and some had several saddles on top of each other. What was the point of displaying them if you could not see them? Here is the solution. 
This design allows you to showcase all of your saddles in a small space without hiding the view of the saddle!(a 9 piece rack holds 9 saddles and fits in a 10 x 3 ft floor space!) You can display 3, 10 or even more if you like and all of the racks connect and are self supported. Add on to expand the rack vertically, horizontally or both!
Once the saddles are on the stand, the stand becomes virtually invisible, displaying your saddles and not the rack!
No need to construct or remodel to display what is important to you. They assemble and disassemble easily and are very sturdy, made from quality steel and craftsmanship. The Manufacturer, Ford Steel LLC., is an AISC, API, ISO and AWS certified fabricator,in other words, the quality is unbeatable. 
As you add to your collection, you can add more pieces! 
Finally, you can display your saddles in a way that is aesthetic and efficient. 
Please Contact me for more information and keep checking back!
-Katherine J. Allen

These saddle racks are 100% made in the USA at a family owned and operated fabrication facility north of Houston Texas. We are very proud of the Texas craftsmanship and quality that goes into each piece. All of the welds are inspected 100% ensuring that each rack will last a lifetime. There is no middle man here which reduces cost and I personally oversee the production of each piece before it goes to you. Ford Steel LLC is a structural steel fabrication plant, fabricating steel for the oilfield and telecommunications industry as well as structures for every other type of industry. In short, the process for Showcase Saddle Racks is streamlined, efficient, top quality and most improtantly cost efficient. No one can do what we do as quickly, accurately or cost effectively and there is no other saddle rack system like this one. I designed these racks to solve the space and display issue in my own home and I cannot wait to help you do the same in your home or business.